Day 17: Cortez, CO to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (by Henna)

Hello it’s Henna.  I’m finally writing a post!  Today I was in four states at once.  We went to the four corners.  The four corners are four states that meet together in an exact square.  I was in  Arizona while Mom and Dad were in New Mexico.  There were lots of Navajo Indians selling jewelry.  I got two stone animal beads.  Our next stop was a town called Page.  It was really hot.  Next we went to a place where there were lots of rocks balanced on top of each other.  The story behind it is that a ladies car broke down in the place and she liked the scenery so much she bought the property and made houses kinda with the rocks.  We explored and took lots of pictures.  Me and Mom found a old broken down car buried in the sand.  There were a whole bunch of rusted cans and broken bottles, I found some pieces of an old yellow bowl.  We drove for a long time and finally reached the campsite.  While we were at the campsite a hummingbird perched on our car and then attacked Mom!  Afterwards we had a yummy dinner and drove to the Grand Canyon.  We looked over the edge and we got to drink water from a spring that runs through the Grand Caynon….it tasted really good.  Later we got icecream and watched a pretty sunset at the Grand Canyon Lodge.  We have been on the trip for two weeks and a half and it has been really fun.  Bye for now.  Henna