Flight 93 Memorial

The field would have been another lonely, filled in former coal mine if it were not for the tragic events of 9/11.  Instead there is this long road that takes you to a parking lot filled with tour and school buses as well as minivans, cars, etc.  Nobody dare speaks in too loud of a voice as the wounds here do not feel distant at all.  Where other memorial sites seem to encourage picnic baskets and frisbees, this one encourages quiet contemplation and a shared grief. 

The evil is told plainly in fact filled signs.  The NPS avoids hyperbole and lets the facts speak for itself.  People purposefully planned and executed innocent people. 

Other signs are just as plain.  Above is a picture roster of those aboard Flight 93.  They include tourists, a woman from Hawaii, an observant Jew, and several persons who overtook the terrorists and possibly prevented a greater tragedy on 9/11.  What struck me is that this is who we are:  many people from many different backgrounds with different beliefs who, when necessary, pull together for a greater cause.  The bad guys hate that.