Cool Stop #25: The Park in Fernie, B.C. (off Highway 3)

Sometimes we want to play in the mountains, but sometimes it is more fun to play in the shadow of the mountains. After a fun four days in the Nelson area, it was time to rest up for the final act of our trip. The town of Fernie worked out well for us. The hotel was reasonably priced and included a pretty nice communal kitchen. All electric doo-dads were recharged and except for the off-key singing around midnight by some other patron (Henna slept through and Corey and I were still awake so that was actually kind of funny) it was a good night. But just before checking in Henna spied a park and made us promise to take her in the morning. In the morning she still remembered our promise so we reluctantly went to the park. And you know what? It was pretty fun. I loved the funky slide and it was great enjoying the sunshine and mountain views without any hiking or other physical exertion involved. Eventually Henna had to drag us away so we could drive over to Waterton.

Henna at Park

Noel at Park

Noel 8/1/13