Hennacornoeliday’s Family Theater Pick: Connected

This is really one trippy piece of family theater. Although at times it is a bit preachy (and I’m not so sure about the extended audience participation bit), Connected is a very creative visualization of time from the Big Bang to the present and then on to the terrifying future. Henna loved it. Corey really like it. I liked it. Hey if nothing else, it’s a good excuse to visit the hippie commune like Flat Iron Arts Building (1579 North Milwaukee Avenue). Also check out the awesome used book store across the street. Be warned, young minds might find the closing scenes a bit too intense.  

SpaceLaunch(L-R LuisCrespo,MaryMikva,AntonioBrunetti,StellaMoseley,JustinMichaelDietzel,AmberHugee,WarrenLevon,RasikaRanganathan)

L-R Luis Crespo, Mary Mikva, Antonio Brunetti, Stella Moseley (center), Justin Michael Dietzel, Amber Hugee, Warren Levon and Rasika Ranganathan/ Photo by Joel Maisonet

SolarSystem(L-R LuisCrespo,AnniePrichard,StellaMoseley,JustinMichaelDietzel,RasikaRanganathan,MaryMikva,AntonioBrunetti

L-R Luis Crespo, Annie Prichard, Stella Moseley, Justin Michael Dietzel, Rasika Ranganathan, Mary Mikva, and Antonio Brunetti/ Photo by Joel Maisonet

Tickets are $15-$30 with Sundays cheaper for families. Running through May 29. To purchase tickets go here. For my full review click here.