Nature vs. Man

Leaving always feels so good.  I mean no disrespect towards our last two days. They were wonderful and restful, and as a result we are starting our trip anew, with clean dishes, clothes and bodies.  But there is a glorious feeling of heading out, leaving town, hitting the road, ready for what await us around the bend.  It’s utterly exhilarating. Right now we are high in the mountains outside of Breckenridge, at almost 11,000 ft. high where the rivers divide and head to their respected oceans.   While in our bubble in Breckenridge, I lost touch with what I love most about being on the road, which is being one with myself and the world.  While Breckenridge is a lovely resort town, it lacks the little and big things that make a town a town.  About 80% of their residents own two homes, and as Noel so eloquently stated “It’s run by hippies for yuppies”.  I don’t think there is a local school, and a book store was not to be found, although we were able to find plenty high scale out-door stores that could outfit your outdoor experience in style.  Ultimately we did not meet one person in two days that we could post about, which doesn’t mean they were not there….it’s just that staying indoors  tends to breed isolation.  I was back into T.V. world (watching way too many cooking shows), checking my emails and losing touch with the outside.  As we gazed upon Breckenridge’s footprint on the land, we talked about how thankful we are for the earlier conservationist who knew it was important to leave some land unspoiled by humans.  During our quick hiatus I became dehydrated and needed an afternoon to heel.  I forgot to drink water. I was subdued in our four walls and stopped paying attention.  So I am excited to head out, connect back with my body and the earth, to give myself to the power of our surroundings because I’m living within the elements 24/7.  I welcome that feeling.


Day 10: Breckenridge, CO

Our first (and only) full day at Breckenridge and began with a hike that started just a few yards from where we are staying; the Burro Trail.  There are other, more dramatic hikes in the area, but we were hoping for an easy one that would allow for maximum pool time later.  About a quarter-mile in Henna’s foot began to hurt (probably bruised, we bought her new shoes and her foot now feel s fine).  Corey saw how excited I was to be on a shaded, soft ground trail that followed a creek uphill and volunteered to take Henna back alone.  I took her up on it and followed the trail past the meandering creek, up switchbacks, and high enough to get some great views.  A mile or two away from the trailhead I had the trail to myself and felt a little nervous.  I so did not want to get lost.  I did have a cell phone signal (and periodically texted lies to Corey about how ugly the trail was) and civilization was never far, but man I would never hear the end of it if I got lost again.  I did not get lost.  I did feel a little guilty for not being able to share the awesome trail with Henna and Corey.  Here are some photos from the hike.

After the hike we watched various cooking shows on the food network including a bit on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives featuring Chicago’s Tres Kronor which we had eaten at after a St. Lucia festival.  Henna and I also rock hopped across the stream which is part of the city park (how cool is that) and then Corey felt dehydrated and is now resting.

Tomorrow we return to the road.  Some second guessing here on our SW heavy route; we are yearning for a little respite from the heat.   Thank you again Mom and Dad for giving us they two well needed days of rest here at Breckenridge.  Any time you wanted to borrow our tent feel free to do so.