Oh I Wish I Were….


There are almost as many ways to travel as there are travelers but few as odd as this one. Over the part year Alex has driven over 40,000 miles over 25 states all in the name of a little marketing. No, the mobile does not serve up hotdogs (Alex gets that a lot). But they do give away whistles and this makes a lot of people smile.

imageThere are actually six Weiner Mobiles traveling the U.S.  They are driven mostly by recent college grads who do it for a year.  They are but a select few who, per Alex, number less than the total amount of people who have visited space (if you include Cosmonauts in the total).  And lucky for us Alex is our neighbor’s and good friends niece, thus the surprise celebrity visit. For just one magical night a childhood wish came true. 


Sweet Finds: Fair Oaks Farms (Fair Oaks, IN)

Fair Oaks Farm sign

One of the most depressing things about traveling through America is the limited diversity of food options. The sad fact is that if you want tasty, fresh veggies over anything, a good place to look would be in the city. Road side stands aside; too much of rural America eats out at Applebees. . Not that there is anything wrong with Applebees. It is just that Applebees (and Dennys and Culvers and TGIF, etc) is the same in Portland, OR as it is in Portland, ME. Your local diner is usually just as bad as they serve the same trucked in fries, burgers, and ribs that the diner three states over serves. There are of course exceptions to this and we think Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins does a great job of highlighting those gems. But Guy Fieri cannot be expected to be everywhere and for that reason we have decided to periodically offer you are own Sweet Finds.

busy cafeteria

First up is Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana. Off Interstate 65 between Chicago and Indianapolis is a tasty alternative to the Subways and McDonalds that are spread out evenly across the highway. Per the teenage worker we asked, Fair Oaks Farm is the collaborative work of several farming families. Fresh cheeses, milk, and ice cream are offered cafeteria style along with gooey delights such as Reuben sandwiches (the king of NY deli) and French onion soup. They are also known for their grilled cheese sandwiches (which Corey and Henna both enjoyed).  Within the same building as the cafeteria is some sort of dairy operation that was quiet the day we were there (most of Indiana is quiet on Sunday). On the large grounds of the Fair Oaks Farms are a “birthing barn” and a “cheese factory.” We were too close to home and too cold for us to check these things out the day of our visit, but we would love to make it back there some time. Their website makes it quite clear that they are more than open to field trips coming over.

Working dairy

Fair Oaks sign

For more information on Fair Oaks Farms, click here: http://www.fofarms.com/en/home#Scene_1