Kingussie, Scotland

Wind so strong Corey could not keep her eyes open. At Craigellachie National Nature Reserve in Aviemore.

It is easier to find your way around than to pronounce Kingussie. Can-you-see; the g is silent. Kingussie is one main street, a small grocery store, a good fish and chips joint and two coffee shops. Remarkably there are also multiple book stores but they all keep odd hours. The locals are incredibly nice. They are also well connected by rail (more than six trains a day) to Glasgow, Inverness and a dozen other small towns. Surrounding Kingussie is Cairngorms National Park which looks in every direction like Scotland is intended to look. With no car, we had to be content exploring areas adjacent to the Aviemore and Kingussie train stations. These are a few of the things we saw.

Ferns, wildflowers and sky were a part of every hike we took.
This 18th century baracks was built to put down rebellion in the Highlands.
In 2014 nearly 45% of Scotland voted to separate from Britain. There is a current push for a new referendum on the issue. This sticker was found on Maine Street. It appeared other similar stickers were previously scratched off.
The Kingussie Primary School was built in 1887. Wikipedia states that the school currently serves approximately one hundred students.
We have seen many birds, one very entertaining shrew and this charismatic slug.

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