C’est le vie

Bonjour from France.

The land of cheese, wine, windy streets, and unfortunately for us-COVID. Yes, we have covid. When planning this trip, we knew it was a risk. We chose to roll the dice and take that gamble. And in the 3rd day of the trip I (Corey here) was presented with that double positive line on a covid test.

We are hoping to rally, and have this all behind us before we head to London. But next stop is Paris, and when we told our next air bnb host of our predicament, she was not phased saying, “no worries from me, I have all three vaccines, that’s a part of life”. Obviously the motto is alive alive and well here. C’est le vie.

The dreaded positive result

We are all feeling ok. Some stuffiness, congestion and aches. But all in all- OK. We are nestled in a cozy air bnb in Rouen France, where my niece lives. Plans have been rerouted, and things are not going as planned but C’est le vie. That’s life. You move on.

Kristine and Francois

We entered this trip I suppose with that same view point. It didn’t seem like the best time to be traveling abroad-but who knows, maybe next year would be worse. Why wait? Nothing good comes from waiting. Life moves fast, one must move with it, throw some caution to the wind and enjoy.

Well, I suppose that’s what we did. In time, I hope we are all healthy, strong and ready to move on with this adventure.

C’est le vie after all. Life happens. You move on.


French breakfast
Three glasses of wine:)
Walking the streets of Rouen in search of Thai

5 thoughts on “C’est le vie

  1. Hope your symptoms continue to be mild, and you have a fast recovery. I’m glad your air bnb is cozy.
    Aunt Andrea

  2. So sorry to hear you all have Covid. Seems like you are coping well. My prayers are with you all to get well soon and on your way with your adventure. Love Jean 😍

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