We Spend Some Time In The U.P.

Rainbow Falls off the Black River Scenic Byway near Ironwood, MI

After spending a few weeks at home we found ourselves a bit anxious about the coming school year. And this was before hearing about the small meteor hurtling toward earth and due to arrive the day before the election. Don’t worry, it probably won’t hit us. But then again, who thought Donald Trump would ever be president?

So we headed a little bit west and a whole lot north in order to circle Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I can tell you that they sure do have a lot of trees up there. Waterfalls too which might explain why we needed to book our campsites a couple weeks in advance. Even with doing so we only managed to snag one night at Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park. The two hotels we stayed at in Michigan were also overpriced and terrible in their own unique ways. Funniest was the lodge in Ironwood where our room had a sticky stain that covered about a third of the carpet. We suspected a possible recent homicide. I brought this concern to the clerk who amazingly knew the history of the stain, detailed how they plan to eventually remove said stain and deducted twenty dollars from my stay. Not much more to say about that.

Based on the Trump to Biden sign ratio (about 20:1) I would say the local politics are mostly to the right of Wyoming with the more affluent college bubbles (like Marquette) trending more so to the left. Again though this is just based on lawn signs although one overheard, never ending and quite loud conversation (across the road from our tent but still we could hear every word spoken) was clearly mined from the lethal combination of Fox News talking points and conspiracy websites. On and on the old men practically shouted their convictions while we pretended not to listen. Meanwhile the sun set over the Tahquamenon River. It was beautiful; a soft riot of colors blending into the tannin water while the sky darkened around our campfire. Curiously there were few birds present and the wide river moved like a whisper to Lake Superior. It was just the men speaking and the lovely visuals of a closing day; a contrast in experiences and a fitting end to this summer.

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