Dispatches From Home


Today was a low day. The start of Week two essentially and all I could think was, “ok, here we go again”. Like, when things are new and unfamiliar you have that to ride on during the beginning….then things level to a weird new normal. When that is over you’re left with-reality. This is really happening kinda reality. The, I don’t see the end, reality. And when that hits, it hurts. Or at least that was where I was mentally at today.

Interspersed among these moments of heaviness there were bright spots too. Sewing masks for people in need with Henna was definitely a bright spot. Watching her create and use her hands for good filled me up. Seeing the sunshine fill my kitchen also did some good chasing my blues away. And FaceTiming my sister reminded me of all the love out there waiting to scoop me up once we can be together again.

So much good. It’s still there but every now and then it’s easy to lose sight. Tomorrow’s another day. I hope you all find highs within the lows.


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