Dispatch from…..close to home.

Hello again. I found posting very cathartic yesterday. I hope that it brought you something, if anything a moment outside of this insanity.

Today, Noel and I did some “normal” kind of activities. A donation drop off, a walk through the forest preserve and a Kappy’s Matza Ball pickup. All activities were in the same vain of trying to continue to do some good through all of this; both for others, a fav business of ours and ourselves.

Although today was cold, gloomy and windy-there were quite a few faces on the trail. It made me wonder what a warm day would bring? Would that be safe? There would be so many more people making hard to keep a safe distance from one another! As my brain ratcheted up a notch, I looked down at my red knitted glove my Mom had given Henna one Xmas a few years ago. Deep breath it beckoned me. Ok Ma, I got it.

I then looked up to see an old couple walking along-heads down, trying to pass quickly perhaps to limit our exposure to them. We met eyes, and I took both my red knitted hands and gave a two handed wave. The huge smile that then greeted me took all my anxiety away. This isn’t a post to try to say anything profound or inspiring, but damn I wanted to hug that old guy. For the rest of our walk, I continued to wave my silly red knitted wave and found most people smiled in happiness. A small gesture saying, “hey, I see you. This is totally insane. But hi”. It gave me some peace. Thanks Mom:)

Fare thee well,


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