Haiku and other trip rambles

Hello there~

Day 3 on the island and we finally feel normal. We are never really “normal” but we feel better adjusted to the time difference. We will be leaving our air BnB tomorrow (or today if your reading this 7. 13) and heading to the Hana Highway to camp. The locals are all talking about the rain that is coming, remnants of a far off ocean hurricane that will be hitting exactly as we are camping. Ah such is life and travel. We are ready for whatever comes our way, or at least we will have a good story to tell.

Today we ventured out, stopping in the town of Haiku (which inspired this haiku):

Town Haiku saw us

A hammock we did acquire

With Kumbucha sweet

Says it all. Bought a hammock and drank some sweet Kumbucha on tap. Awesome hippie/artist town that sees few tourists. We were mistaken for townies, which always makes us feel cool. Next we headed down the road to join the real tourists along Twin Falls Hike, which follows upward along a rushing creek, past warning signs of flash floods and high water levels, through a gate that says-not to enter, forging a rushing creek to a waterfall replete with swimming hole….oh and about a dozen or more people. Oh the people. But what nice people. As we crossed the creek, the water was running so fast that it seemed to want to push us over the falls. I was leading our little army across and could here Henna saying, “I’m getting dizzy” because the water was rushing past so fast that it messes with your eyes. I knew I had to get her across and quick, but each step was met with uneven rocks and nudging from the water. We made it across only to see Noel planted in the creek with his shoe flowing with the creek over the fall and on toward the ocean. Noel was fine, aside from a bruised ego and some expletives he shouted. But now he had no shoes to wear along this rocky path. People were so kind, and as Noel plugged upward wincing in anguish they all empathically shared his pain. We made it to the waterfall and Noel enjoyed a swim. The hike took a bit more time then it should have, but it ended well; with some shaved ice while watching surfers brave the waves. Although my pictures always show smiling faces, there are countless stories to tell of ups and downs along this journey. Each day has something of a high and a low. Such is life.


Henna testing out the Hammock

oh the people

Noel tempting fate before he lost his shoe

The gate everyone passed through in spite of the warning

rushing creek

the payoff

shaved ice payoff

surfers below

my thirsty boots


his feet were SO sore.

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