A Nation of Distance

The falls at Idaho Falls

To paraphrase “Alice Isn’t Dead” (a super cool podcast that Henna has hooked us on), we are a nation influenced as much by distance as we are culture. You feel it when you drive from Chicago to Valentine, NE to Dubois, WY down through Pocatello ID and then to the truly lovely town of Twin Falls where we watched three young men base jump off a bridge into a crazy deep canyon. And we haven’t even driven the road to Hana yet. Anyways here are a few photos from the last few days. You can watch the base jumpers on Corey’s Instagram feed (thirstyboots2).

Entrance to ranch near Victor, ID.

At this canyon in Twin Falls, ID is one of the few places you can legally base jump

Got a little too close to these moose in Cascade Canyon (Grand Teton National Park)

Cascade Canyon. Actually prettier in person than in this picture

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