That time of year as come yet again.   Road trip/adventure time.  We want to thank everyone who follows us and tolerates/enjoys our posts along the way.  This humble blog started as a way to keep the parents/family in tune to our crazy ways, but then became a cool way to chronicle our travels (plus it keeps Noel’s creative juices flowing).  Noel and I have two very different styles of writing, but as our relationship proves these two forces do quite well together.  Some day we are hoping that Henna will contribute her wit and wisdom; I mean this blog is called Henna…Cor…Noeli days.  Feel free to bug her about this and guilt/encourage her to add her voice.  It’s a smart voice; I’d love for you all to hear it more.

This year is crazy significant for so many reasons.  As by our title, it includes two huge numbers that blow me away. The first one, the 20, signifies how long we’ve been doing this together. Yes, this is our 20th summer sojourn together.  Yikes.  The 50 represents the closure of visiting every state together as a family.  Not that Henna remembers all of them (insert cute shocked smiley face), but like we always tell folks who are in awe of all her travels, we didn’t start doing this for her.  She simply has to come along, whether she derives anything from these adventures is her call….half the time her nose is in a book!  Ha!

It also is an emotional trip because Henna graduated 8th grade this year, and will be heading into high school next year.  Holy crimey!  Where has the time gone?  20 years?  High school?  I want to press the stop button right now.  I don’t recognize this young person we will be taking with on vacation this year.  Honestly.  She used to fill up a back pack with all sorts of toys, crayons, paper, small games, binocular, insect cages, you name it!  This year it was like, ok…a small purse, my phone (so many podcasts to catch up with), and some books.  Next year she might be driving a bit on our trip.  gulp.

grad pic

I know as a parent, each year as traditional events occur, we are more aware of the passing of time and it gives us a punch to the stomach as to how fast it goes.  And where does it go…., and how come I don’t notice the changes in everything until it’s too late…, or how come you don’t ever notice the last time you do anything for your kid?  Like when was the last time I read a book to her?  Or the last time I needed to help with homework?  Last time I HAD to tuck her in or she couldn’t sleep?  So as with every summer, and this one more then ever, I will be holding my finger on that pause button (even if just for 6 weeks). I will be take a long look at this smart, beautiful young person and listen to every word she has to say.  I will savor every moment together and bottle it up inside for when I wake up and can’t see her younger self as clearly as I once could.

I mean come on….look at this face?

baby pic

Who is this little girl?

So now you know my style is the super sappy one.  The- this is where my emotions are in the moment one.  The- I remember things based on how I feel one.  The-I love these two people more than life itself one.  The- gonna savor every single moment I can one.

Time is moving way too fast people.  So have an awesome summer!  Please feel free to comment and let us know what your up to this summer.  We love everyone and will miss you all.  But we always come back more humble, better humans, and ready to better friends and family.  Or at least we try.


Corey of HennaCorNoeli days crew.



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  1. Awww. You guys are such an awesome family. Beautiful reflections on how time passes by. Safe travels my friends.

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