All The Civilization You Need



Hanging out at Taggart Lake located within Grand Teton National Park


About sixty miles south of Grand Teton National Park is Pinedale, WY. Their official slogan is “All the civilization you need!” Not so sure about that one, but the town does have a nice deli, a brew pub, and the very interesting Mountain Man Museum.

It was a wonderful week spent camping at our favorite national park. On Sunday we rolled into the less popular Gros Ventre campground then bolted the next morning to Signal Mountain. We arrived on August 7th which, given the fourteen night maximum stay, meant we could have planted ourselves right smack dab in the solar eclipse path. That is in fact exactly what many of our neighbors did. But after six weeks traveling the country we were itching to get back to our non canvas home.



This bridge outside of Pinedale is designed to help give antelope safe passage across the highway during their annual migration



Although at times smoky from the nearby wild fires, we do love the Tetons



Henna watching the sunset a short walk away from our campsite



Natural Bridge near the south entrance at Yellow Stone National Park



This raven was not amused by the crazy crowds at Yellowstone







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