Granite Creek Waterfall, Wyoming 

It seems like for every paved mile in Wyoming there are at least another ten that are gravel.  And some of the coolest (or in this case warmest) things involve kicking up a little dust.  So a few miles south of Hoback Junction on the way to Pinedale is a ten mile turn off to Granite Creek.  Take that turn.  Then drive, slowly, to the Granite Creek Waterfall (about nine miles).  Walk down to the creek (which is more like a river) and gauge whether you are fit enough to cross the moderately flowing water in order to reach the other side.  Henna and Corey had no difficulty doing so.  I was able to cross but only by using my hands and moving very, very carefully and looking a lot like I was playing Twister.  This crossing is not for everyone and we did see two ladies and a man slip several times on the rocks before giving up.  

What exactly lies on the other side of this creek/river?  A makeshift hot tub out of carefully placed rocks that is filled by the cool Granite Creek and near boiling hot sulfur smelling water cascading down from the cliff walls.  There is really nothing comparable to plopping your but in a natural hot tub while staring at a waterfall set in the Wyoming semi-wilderness.  A mile down the road is another hot spring that you pay to enter but we saw no reason to check it out.  Heaven was right there lapping at our feet.


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