Driving in Ireland

For the second time in six weeks we saw a flurry of American flags (the other time was in Höganäs where family did all they could to make us welcome). Many people we have met have a Chicago connection too. Like Eileen the Pub owner who told us that Chicago has been good to her community (many have gone there for work). At another pub we heard the saddest song about a family leaving famine for Chicago.  In the pubs, on walking trails,  and everywhere else we see people who remind us so much of friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. They laugh with us, wish us a sincere hello when we meet them and help us when we get lost (an hourly occurence). The driving though is terrible.


Country roads in Ireland mean an altogether different thing than they do back home. No wide meandering back road where you might go a bit before seeing another soul. It is exactly as our friend Chiereth said (whom we met so long ago in Stockholm ). You mostly stay in the middle and then shoot left when another body comes. On a summer day that other body comes around a lot and is too often a large trailer to wide for the road let alone the not quite two lanes (one up one down) allowed. Throw in a lot of walkers (there faces with a lot of regret), Americans getting the hang of left side driving, and your mirrors do not stand a chance.

imageBut it is all worth it. I say that because we are safely at the airport waiting on our flight. But even here we look both ways nervous to cross the waiting area.

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