Molloy’s Coffee Shop in Bray, Ireland


The thing about Ireland is that even on its most weather dreary day there is always somewhere warm and dry to have a breakfast, coffee, or a drink. This morning it was Molloy’s where Henna and I split a traditional Irish breakfast; an egg, rashers (meaty bacon), baked beans, white pudding (similar to kishke if you happen to know what that is), mushrooms, home made brown bread and sausage. Corey had a white coffee (a creamier cappucino) and Henna was served tea with an extra pot of water and a dainty cream holder. Corey also had a homemade scone. It was all less than $18.



The other thing that goes without saying is the witty and inquisitive banter that is everywhere. Just open your mouth and someone will answer you. 
Answer back and they will ask where you are from. Laugh with them and you will have a new friend. About to test this theory out at pub below the room we are renting for the night. Will let you know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Molloy’s Coffee Shop in Bray, Ireland

  1. Noel,
    Last time (only time) I was in Bray was with you in 1995.

    Sounds like you guys are having another incredible trip!


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