Luxembourg or the Jan Brady of Europe

How many famous Luxembourg citizens can you name. I mean of course besides champion water skiing champion Sylvie Hülsemann.  Per Wikipedia they have had a couple of solid artists but this nation of half a million (with about  100,00 living in Luxembourg City) are really defined more by what surrounds them than by whom they are.


1960s era fire truck repurposed as a camping vehicle

We have been here two days and have seen lizards, teenage toughs at the train station, streets named after U.S. presidents, and the calmest European plaza so far. A fun one too with a large orchestra playing marching songs and people politely clapping when they are done. We also have camped under a highway bridge, talked to a fellow camper from Spain while she machine sewed aprons to sell at the market, and were confounded by historic sites that lacked English signage (this in a country where almost everyone speaks English along with French, German, and Luxembourgish – yes Luxembourgish is a real language). So we made up what we thought the history of Luxembourg was. It involved dragons. Lots of dragons.


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