Travel Day

Woke up at five this morning nervous about the flight to Norway. Got to the car rental place by 5:45 and then waited half an hour for someone to drive us the few miles to the airport. The check baggage line stretched on and on but we were told all the flights were delayed due to conveyor belt malfunction. We believed them. By 7:45 we were clearing security when we heard last boarding call for our flight to Oslo. I sprinted far ahead to a distant gate, Corey and Henna knocking over tourists left and right behind me. Arrived at gate 8 breathless. Told we actually had to go to gate A (other corner of airport). More running, more chaos in our path, and I was not sure we had enough gas to make our flight. We did and by the time we spy the Norwegian fjords much of the stress has been forgotten. Shortly after arriving in Oslo we are given free ice cream.  And then on the express train to downtown Oslo an attendant repeatedly checked in on everyone.  Imagine that level of care being given on the blue line.  We did enjoy Oslo but would have had more fun if we were not so exhausted.  Now we are at a Best Western between Oslo and Lillihammer resting up for the next chapter.


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