The Trip Begins (almost)

Hennacornoelidays friend and super cool Edison Park buddy Ragan recently sent Corey the following link describing how a family sold everything they owned in order to visit over four hundred national parks in an Airstream Bus.  It is a good read and maybe even a bit inspiring.  It is also a totally unrealistic option for 99% of families (for starters, if everyone dropped out then who would man the road side farm stands).  Also, for the record, we happen to like our jobs not to mention our friends and family.  When taking to the road we always look forward to the return.


But what if we, as Americans, tried to be just a tad bit more European?  And by European I mean we strive to spend a minimum of one month a year on vacation.  Maybe being paid for this time off is a stretch (although it would be European).  But ask yourself, would you be willing to take a one twelfth or 8% pay cut in exchange for one solid month of freedom? Not sell everything you own and live out of a van, but maybe put off a few house repairs in exchange for a couple of sunsets on the beach.  As educators, Corey and I are lucky to be able to choose that option.

On break from the day to day grind

On break from the day to day grind

In about a week we walk away from the comfort and security of our home.  In an effort to conserve resources (namely money) we are bringing along the tent and have also become familiar with airbnb.  We also have introduced ourselves to various businesses and lodgings i.e. we went looking for free stuff.  These efforts resulted in a reduced car rental price and a free night at a hostel in Reykjavik.  It is therefore only polite (and maybe a bit expected) to give a shout out to these fine folks.


Sadcars might be a bit misnamed as there is nothing sad about paying less money for your car rental.  Yes there fleet is a bit…mature.  But per the website and a few online reviews the cars are well maintained and a great alternative to paying maybe a thousand dollars or more a week for a more recent vehicle vintage.  The place also reeks of genuine coolness as they man a very clever blog on their website to go with individualized travel suggestions.  If my 1998 Jeep Cherokee is good enough for Chicago, a similar looking car should be fine for Iceland.

Bus Hostel Reykjavik

Last hostel I stayed in was in the late ‘90s when my friend Dan and I resorted to “borrowing” eggs from the employees in order to eat dinner.  Ah, the memories.  From the website, Bus Hostel Reykjavik ( looks a lot snazzier than that dwelling in England’s Lake District.  For starters they have a smart looking bar with a piano. Fancy.  Other photos on their website show candle lit dining (seriously) and clean dorm and private rooms (we are staying in a private room).  They also keep a fun blog going (all these Icelandic blogs should not be too surprising given that Iceland has one of the highest literacy rates in the world).  I think though that egg-stealing is frowned upon.

All smiles

All smiles

That is all for now.  Time to get back to planning and packing.

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