….after all


I spy Europe

I used to sometimes get my hair cut in Lakeview by an older man with a strong German. His one chair shop was heated entirely by a wood burning stove making it the perfect place to whittle away a short winter day. While camping in Twillingate, Newfoundland I was amazed to meet a retired CPS teacher who, as a young boy, also got his hair cut by the same barber in the same shop.  It’s a small world.

In about a month Henna, Corey, and I plan on stepping a bit further out into that small world with three backpacks, a small cooler on wheels, and a tiny pink suitcase. A thirty minute train will take us downtown where we will take another train a thousand miles to New York City. After a couple of days it is off to Iceland for a week.  And then on to Oslo where we pick up a car and spend three and a half weeks driving to Luxumburg. After a few days in Paris we fly to Dublin and then after another week we fly home to O’Hare and take the blue line back to our house.

A trip like this means a few hard choices.  Two big casualties are our beat up net book and the Nikon D40. Replacing these old friends are two smart phones so expect smaller word counts and less impressive photos. The tent, however, is a non-negotiables and we are excited to find out if Euro camping is as friendly as it is in the U.S. and Canada. One thing is for sure, our world is about to get bigger.

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