Staycation Idea: Polar Peak at Rosemont’s MB Financial Park

Henna and friends approve!

Henna and friends approve!

Corey wanted nothing to do with this (and had to cover her eyes whenever Henna or one of her friends went down the man-made hill) but Rosemont’s Polar Peak is a pretty good time. At four stories high, it delivers some serious speed to you and your inner tube. You will go airborne. If you are looking for something a little less thrilling, there is also a pint size option at half the height. At $20/hour per person it is not cheap, but I found a Groupon that knocked the price down to $16/hour (and also includes a skate rental for the free outdoor ice skating rink next door). Also making this a bit more affordable is the validated free parking. Besides ice skating, the area offers several restaurants, bars, a comedy club, Muvico, and a bowling alley. Not sure if this beats out Aspen, but for Rosemont it’s pretty cool.
Ice Skating in Rosemont

Ice Skating in Rosemont

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