AGO in Toronto

On probably our last full day on vacation we visited Toronto. Often compared to Chicago we felt like it was more NYC. Downtown even had a mini Times Square like area that pulsed with giant screens. Most of our trip has been devoid of franchises and traffic and, for that matter, people. So it was a bit of a shock the very slow driving crawl through a seemingly never-ending downtown with its’ relentless pattern of Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Subway, repeat. There are a few older buildings to gawk at (like the former City Hall) but most of the architecture is fresh steel with cranes everywhere building more. Canada’s premier art museum, the AGO, is a must see and is at least the equal of the Art Institute. We especially enjoyed an exhibit that presented art by topic (such as humor or money) instead of by time period. Not surprisingly the AGO has a Canadian focus and for us was a great introduction to the Group of Seven. Then we crawled out of the city and slowed even more on the highway leading to the U.S. We hoped to spend our last night in Michigan but instead camped once more in Canada. And today we drive home.




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