Speaking French

Driving from east to west in Quebec the country gradually moves from mono to bilingual with citizens east of Quebec City mostly not knowing any English. So in Riviere du Loup we had to pantomime our breakfast order but not before reading the English menu filled with odd phrases such as “eggs have been found useful with potatoes.” The people were nice (especially when greeted first in French) but it was hard not being able to converse. In Quebec City people spoke English but not fluently. In Montreal you are just as likely to hear English (or Arabic) as you are French. And everyone knows English. The streets are equally diverse with saris, turbans, stylish hats, and hajibs all bobbing together in search of something. And then you drive just a bit further west and you are in Ontario with everyone speaking English. It feels comforting but also a bit boring. You find yourself missing the exotic.


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