More on Kouchibouguac

Taking flight
Kouchibouguac is almost directly across the sea from Cedar Dunes but to get there we had to first drive about seventy miles south to the Confederation Bridge, another eight miles across the Northumberland Strait, and then about eighty miles north on the New Brunswick side. If PEI resembles Iowa, then New Brunswick is Louisiana back when they spoke Creole. In fact the Acadian flag is flown high and proud and here with French spoken first, English reluctantly. The area has a lot of charm, but sometimes you have to dig a little to reach it. Last night our efforts paid off at an excellent pizza restaurant in St-Louis de Kent which specializes in seafood pizza (fresh lobster, scallops, and shrimp baked into a thin crust pizza- cash only). The park consists of a lot of bike trails, a salt water lagoon, a sandy beach, and a very cold life guarded ocean to swim in. You can also rent kayaks which we used to explore the ocean fed river. Mostly though we joined Henna in dropping hermit crabs into sand aquariums with channels linking them back to the lagoon. Corey and Henna tried their hand at making sand race tracks, but the crabs were not so interested. I took to birding and wished that I knew more about birds (Tom Lally where are you when we need you!). Right now the coffee is done percolating and maybe, just maybe, the my two partners will be waking up soon and we will begin our drive home in earnest. Not in the mood though to hurry them along. Noel
Hermit crab in action
Piping Plovers
Confederation Bridge
At the lagoon



1 thought on “More on Kouchibouguac

  1. Looks like an incredible trip.
    Be careful with the birds, Noel. They are like potato chips, you can’t just stop at one. 😉
    The next you know, you’re reading friends blog posts thinking to yourself ” …..that’s a Common Tern and those shorebirds look like Semipalmated Sandpipers”. You’ll want books and binoculars and it will consume a lot of your time. You have been warned.
    Safe home and I look forward to your next post.

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