All Appologies to Jeff Foxworthy


You might be a Newfie if:
All summer long your clothes hang from the line.
The houses in your town have more color than a box of crayons.
St. John’s is simply called “the town.”
The first time you ever saw sidewalk was when you went to town.
You often find yourself walking in the middle of the road.
You think nothing of wandering into a forest to cut down some trees for fuel or to gather some berries for food.
Your garden is on the side of the road in the absolute middle of nowhere.
A stranger asks you for directions and you end up walking with them for a mile.
Another stranger asks you a question and you end up talking with them for an hour.
You own a small business but go broke because you keep giving things away.
You have no idea what the person from the next town is saying. You joke about that with someone and then realize they don’t understand you either.
You are a fisherman. So was your dad. And his dad. And his dad too. Same with his dad.
Everyone you know is a fisherman.
When you are not fishing you are thinking about hunting a moose.
No one ever calls you a CFA (Come From Away).
Afternoon coffee is a mug up.
When toutons are on the menu.
People often call you kind and love to hang out with you. Your just being yourself.

Newfoundland we will be back!

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