Where we go to a soup kitchen: Common Good Soup Kitchen Community, SW Harbor Maine

At Common Good Soup Kitchen
It does not get more heart warming than this. The Common Good Soup Kitchen Community has been re-imagining the soup kitchen since 2009 when Chef Bill Morrison began making soup in his own kitchen for elderly neighbors. Since then the operation has expanded to a former, very quaint restaurant in Southwest Harbor immediately adjacent to Acadia Park’s Seawall Campground. In the summer it serves up yummy popovers, oatmeal, and coffee with jam, butter, and impressive views of the Atlantic. The place is a magnet not only to people in need, but also backpackers, campers, and the better heeled tourists. There also is a stage for music making and I write this now with the pleasing sounds of Timbered Lake playing in the background. It is pretty close to being 100% volunteer operated and also is a venue for assisting vocational skills for local special needs children. For more information go here

A volunteer at work

A volunteer at work

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