Stowe, VT

Bingum Falls

Bingum Falls

Sterling Pond (Smuggler's Notch State Park)

Sterling Pond (Smuggler’s Notch State Park)

Greetings from Vermont! We’ve been hanging in Stowe now for a few days and love it! Our camping spot is on a nearby mountain, replete with a shelter that our tent fits perfectly into. That is great because it rained all last night and into the morning. Our site is also a short hike to get to, which makes for many trips to the car. This morning we enjoyed coffee and fresh farm eggs scrambled under our shelter. The area has great hiking that entails climbing over big rock scrambles as you ascend. Today we laid low doing laundry, reading at the local library, and sitting in the coffee shop. We feel like locals, and even Henna said today that it would be nice to live here. Tomorrow we head off for the White Mountains of New Hampshire for Henna’s first back packing trip up to a hut. Should be fun. Until then, happy trails. Corey



Henna with Addie and Jupiter (2 new friends)

Henna with Addie and Jupiter (2 new friends)

Happy Hour

If you want to learn a lot about a town try hanging out at a bar or the library. Henna is a light weight so we tend to spend out time in the latter. It is actually amazing how similar/nice every librarian really is (except for our Library Fave Kate, she is the coolest Librarian ever!). The Stowe Library is actually housed in a former high school with the top floor dedicated to the arts. For both days we hung out it was a cool mix of families, visitors, and the usual assortment of writer types one stumbles into everywhere in Vermont. Stowe also has a friendly, slightly expensive Laundromat so our completely rained out day was more than a little fun. Heading out today we mostly took Route 15 through a Vermont landscape littered with bookstores, syrup farms, and talking moose. Favorite moment was eavesdropping on a coffee shop conversations (picture three professor types huddled over their drinks and whispering over and over again “he can never be one of us” and “he did the college Vermont thing, sure, but there is no way he will ever make it through the year.” Talk about a tough crowd. One more thing: Cabot, VT (home of Cabot cheese) is not the glamorous place you might think it is. Until the next time. Noel
Our digs at Smuggler's Notch State Park

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