Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH: Where I Learn A Little About Time Travel

First day out and we spent the better part of the day in a hunk of metal speeding down the interstate. Somewhere just shy of Ohio Henna started talking about time travel. The way she sees it is that time can be reduced to building blocks that can never disappear (or else everything falls apart). All it takes then to transport oneself is a heightened memory (time travel here is confined to only ones own personal memories). In that spirit I recall Geneva-On-The-Lake, a once fancy-dancy playground of the very rich (like Ford and Rockefeller rich) that Corey and I last visited almost fifteen years ago on our first trip East. Back in 2000 this Lake Erie resort town was pretty down on its luck and I was not the least surprised to have a hypodermic needle wash ashore a few feet from where we were playing in the waves. But there was this bar/grill/winery with a firehouse theme that was pretty cool. And we thought the wine so good that we bought several bottles for ourselves and family.
The Firehouse Grill

In 2004 the state park built itself a lodge. It’s nice and also the place where I greet you from tonight. The local businesses seemed to take the hint and applied a lot of fresh paint to its façade. The Firehouse Winery is still standing but to be honest between the mediocre food and worse service it just was not the same. It was such a let down we did not even bothering with the wine. But it makes me feel good to know that somewhere there is a building block containing that first time Corey and I came to town. Noel

Crazy clouds gathering over Lake Erie

Crazy clouds gathering over Lake Erie

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