Hikes #12, 13, and 14: Sea to Sky

Hike # 12: Hike to bathroom from our campsite (Orcas Island) and hike to our tent (Whistler, B.C): Total mileage too numerous to count.

Alright, I did admit that I was going to stretch my definition of hiking on this trip, but when I started thinking about it, I should count these small treks as a hike. Let me explain. For the trail leading to the washroom from our campsite on Orcas Island, it went from the back of our tent straight up about 20 ft. This also included a lot of small roots to stumble over, and often left my calf’s burning and me out of breath. I have often joked that our small treks to the bathroom really keep me in shape. I have even gone so far as to consider each morning before going to the washroom walking around the block first. It sounds crazy, but I think after the summer trip is done, I’ll have walked an extra 10 miles during these treks. As for the walk to our campsite in Whistler, it too is a trek, maybe not a back packing kind of trek, but a walk in site, in which our car is far away. I love it, as it keeps these old bones warm until our next hike.

Hike #13: Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.

Ah…Stanley Park. We have been here before, and I think it’s actually prettier than Central Park in New York. It’s a gorgeous wooded city park, nestled on the coast, with many wooded trails throughout. Today’s hike led from the aquatic center/ children’s park (which was bustling with day camps) to a beach and then off into the woods. Along the way we came across a mama racoon who eyed us with contempt as her children scurried behind her. We walked away slowly as if they were black bears. I find it interesting how mom’s across the species have a drive to protect their young.

City park hiking is superb as it mixes the feel of hiking through a forest, with city views every now and then. Remember, I’m both a city mouse and a country mouse. I think that I woud feel right at home in Vancouver. Now if I could just talk the whole family into following us.

Hike #14: Lost Lake trail, Whislter B.C.

Once we hiked all of gear to our walk in campsite, we decided that we needed a walk to rejuvinate us, and get our bearings. We have never been to this part of B.C., and have only ever heard wonderful things, therefore we were excited to start. We were told that a trail behind our camp ground would lead us up a mountain and to place we could swim. Great we thought, swimming in a lake is our favorite thing to do. So we grabbed out stuff and headed out. We were happy when we found the sign to “lost lake” and headed up, only to find that the trail forked at some point with no signage! Ugh! This goes back to our general theory, people give horrible directions, no matter who they are. So after many aborted attemtps, and asking other frusturated hikers, we gave up finding the “lost lake” and played a round of mountain disc golf with rocks instead of actual frisbee’s at a course along the trail. Funny how when your looking for one thing you can find another. Improvising is the key to having fun and keeping things moving along, even when the directions suck!
July 18th, 2013

At Second Beach

City Park

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