Cool Stop #9: Emmons Glacier Lookout (along Glacier Moraine Trail in Mount Rainier)

I really have to thank cousin in-law and friend Dave for this one. Just one mile in on the Glacier Moraine trail (which begins at the White River campground) the trail splits and will take you to Emmons Glacier. There are by the way over 20 glaciers within Mount Rainier National Park (and enough snow during the summer to wage over five million snow ball fights). Emmons is the largest. We did not hike all the way to the glacier but we did manage to find a neat overlook where we rested for about twenty minutes. Water was drunk, bladders were emptied, and food was munched. Dave was the one who pointed out the glacier (I would have confused it with a bunch of dirt) and he was also the one who later pointed out a bunch of goats. He also repeatedly ventured off trails which gave us confidence to take a few chances. Anyways, here is the picture he took. Notice the snake like White River which begins at the mud caked glacier. Take my word for it, the water coming down is both cold and powerful. Better yet, find out for yourself. Noel

Check out the ice cave!  Nice photo Dave.

Check out the ice cave! Nice photo Dave.

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