Cool Stop #8: Scenic Overlook at Mile Marker 142 off Interstate 90 in Washington

The dry part of Washington

Again, there is something, to be said about the unexpected. While driving from mountains (Cour d’Alene, ID yesterday) to mountains (Mt. Rainier National Park later today) you go through quite a bit of desert. Although greened here and there by irrigation, what the eye sees is mostly brown patches and yellowed bits of earth. After about two hours of this landscape (and with Corey and Henna both engrossed in the world of Hunger Games) the road suddenly offered turquoise to go along with a generous helping of plunging ridgeline. Deciding to get out of the car and walk along the paved trail overlooking the Columbia River was an easy decision and even my partners agreed to put their books down. It was an exposed dry heat (mid 90s with no shade anywhere) but it still felt cool to wonder at the edge of the earth and then peer down at this great western river. Noel

Columbia River

Notice the wind turbines in the deep background

Notice the wind turbines in the deep background

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