The Milestone Trip

Cheers from the road! Let me start by saying thank you for following us on our latest adventure. It keeps a piece of home with us knowing that you all are coming along with us, even if only in print. For many reasons we were all very excited about setting off this year; to name the important ones 1) getting back to the mountains out west and back packing for the first time with Henna, 2) having piece of mind that we have a wonderful house/cat sitter we fully trust at home taking care of kitties 3) and of course our love for the open road. Today, as we drove west across the corn filled Iowa terrain I was amazed at how much older Henna seems on this trip. She has always been a great traveler, but this year she is equally ready for what is to come, but maybe through more experienced eyes. This trip, at least to me, feels very much centered around our families’ very big milestone birthdays. For Noel and I, it was turning 40. For Henna it is turning 10 upon our return home. These birthdays make me very humbled by all the wonderful things we have seen and hopeful for the things yet to be seen. It seems a perfect time to reflect on life, slow down and remember. So in honor of these birthdays and our trip, we each will be highlighting different things. For me, I will be sharing stories from 40 hikes. Noel will be talking about 40 cool/interesting places of interest, while Henna will make at least 10 fairy houses. With each we hope to have a good story to tell to share with you while on this grand adventure.
Fare Thee Well,

Our own stick figure family

Our own stick figure family

7 thoughts on “The Milestone Trip

  1. Noel, Corey, and Henna,
    Have a safe trip! Mt. Ranier is so beautiful!
    Blackhawks won the series – in case you haven’t heard!

  2. Hi Noel, Corey, and Henna,
    Safe and joyful travels! Looking forward to following your adventures!
    Love, Aunt Andie & Uncle Marty

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