Day 3: Montgomery, AL to Perry, FL

Shivering a bit on the beach

Shivering a bit on the beach

No time on the interstate and our first trip to the beach made today a good day.  The drive from Montgomery to Georgia felt right too as we sped past barns and thickets of woods.  A lot of the trees were covered with Spanish moss with that moss appearing greener as we headed south.  Georgia to Tallahassee and then the coast was tedious and involved a lot of stop lights and strip malls although Tallahasee’s downtown area seemed pretty nice.  For some reason, I thought it would be easy to find a beach.  I was wrong and the locals were not much help either.  One person I asked thought the nearest beach might be two hundred miles away.  At a gas station about five miles from the beach we eventually discovered someone else suggested we drive to Pensacola (which was about a hundred miles away).  Another person thought the nicest beaches were back in Georgia.  I was not sure what to do with that information.  So we looked at a map, used our GPS device, and headed to “Seashell Beach” which actually was a small collection of mansions and time share looking condos.  The sun was getting low at this point and we tasted defeat.  Luckily we asked one more person (a lady walking a dog) and she pointed us to a small but, for us, perfect beach a few hundred yards away.  We did not mind the slight chill (it was about fifty-four degrees by this time) and Henna found some mighty big shells.  I snapped my first few photos of the trip and we breathed in the salt air.  It felt good to be on the road again.  Noel

Looming sunset

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