Happy Hennacornoeliday!

Pocachanee really outdid himself last night.  For those of you who do not know, Pocachanee is a half-Indian/ half coyote boy who loves to tell stories and play tricks on people.  He especially loves to work his magic on Swedish Jewish children and does so each Hennacornoeliday eve. 

Last night Pocachanee snuck into our house, had some coffee, watched a squirrel, and then played with various toys and stuffed animals down in the basement.  We know what he did because he told us via Bananagram letter tiles (for example, he spelled out “had coffee” next to Henna’s bed).  Pocachanee also tied a piece a yarn leading from Henna’s room, to the kitchen, and then all the way to the basement where a certain half coyote/ half Indian boy left behind a series of overturned blocks and seemingly happy stuffed animals.  What a mess!  Hennacornoeliday occurs each winter usually sometime between Christmas and Hanukkah.  It involves a lot of laughter, good wine and food, and the traditional placing of the gifts under the table.  In our travels we strive to live that well hence the name of this blog.

What a mess!

Besides telling everyone about our wonderful family holiday, I also wanted to give everyone a heads up about our new travel adventure.  Grab a seat, hold on to your hat because we are going to……..Florida (Gulf side)!  OK, not the most original plan but we will are so very excited to meet and reacquaint ourselves with cousins and old friends (in between some serious beach time of course).  We were going to plan out our trip in the more conventional manner (i.e. make reservations) but the closer the trip got, the more stressful that became.  Instead we are going reservation-less into Florida during what has to be its most popular tourist time.  Of course we are also bringing our second home with (the tent) so that should open up some options.  Add a few couches to the mix (cannot wait to see you guys!) and you have the making of a very fun trip.  To everyone reading this, we wish you and your family a Happy Hennacornoeliday!  

Oh, one more thing.  Check this out:   http://resto.newcity.com/2012/12/21/kitchen-table-confidential-the-last-word-on-charlie-trotter-for-now/  This is also in print (New City) and is a rewrite of an earlier post.  Thank you again Glen and Jean for inviting us out to celebrate Jean’s birthday.  I hope this article does not get you banned from any of his future endeavors.

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