Photos from Starved Rock State Park (Fall Edition)

One of our favorite getaway places is Starved Rock State Park and we are definite repeat offenders at their lodge.  Usually though we visit in winter and last weekend was our first time ever staying over night when the trees still had some leaves.  Based on photos hanging in the lodge of past fall displays, the colors were a bit muted this year due to the drought.  Far worse was the effect the drought and climate change has had on the apple crop.  On the way to the lodge we stopped at an orchard only to find out that the apples were decimated by the warm 2011 March which caused everything to bud early.  A severe frost then came in and wiped out a lot of apples.  The drought did not help any.  But the people we talked to were optimistic about next year.  They also had a lot of kittens running around which made for a happy Henna.  Hope everyone enjoys the photos.

By the way, does anybody out there in Cyberland have any good information for us on the Gulf Shores area in Alabama?  What about the gulf side of Florida?  We are planning our winter trip and could use some ideas.

5 thoughts on “Photos from Starved Rock State Park (Fall Edition)

    • Cool place. Only about an hour and a half drive. When it gets cold the bald eagles nest all along the river. You sometimes see a dozen of them circling in one spot looking for fish. And sometimes there are frozen waterfalls too.

  1. My friends Elsie and Roger live on the golf coast. I have been there often. One time we took a jet boat that took us to the Keys. It took about three hours but well worth the trip. You could also drive the whole way down. The keys are beautiful and you can take a picture at the southern most point in the US. Along the golf there are many beaches and beautiful sunsets. If you want I can give you Elsie’s email and she can give you more ideas. Looks like you had a fun time at starved rock. Henna, I love kittens too.

    • I don’t think we are going to have enough time to make it to the keys (unfortuantly). Did you guys rent a house on the Mississippi coast? Might not be as warm as the southern Florida but it seems less crowded and easier to get to.

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