Wishing we were back on Spring Break…

We are just about finished with our first week back from Spring Break and we are pooped.  At least I am, Henna and Corey have as much energy as ever before.  Anyways, we are beginning to seriously plan this summer’s trip.  And by planning I mean staring at a map.  When asked where we are going, I think Corey has the best answer, “west.”  If I were to add to that, I would mention that we are hoping to avoid the expressway as much as possible.  For starters, we are going to take route 20 west to maybe Casper, WY.  Then we hope to head south and revisit RMNP, see Mesa Verde (last time for me I was about 12), and the Grand Canyon.  But until then, here are some of our favorite photos from past Spring Breaks.  Man, Henna sure does look older now (but not Corey and I).

The pictures above are from Normal, IL., Branson, MO., Petite Jean State Park, AR., and Garden of The Gods State Park, IL.  which are all one to two days from our Chicago home.

1 thought on “Wishing we were back on Spring Break…

  1. Hi guys–we are just finishing up our spring break of skiing and are already mourning it’s passing. It has been such an awesome time with the kids. That second picture of Henna is absolutely stunning. And thank you so much for the Liebster nomination.. as a German girl, I LOVE it! Keep on traveling..

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