Back in the USA

Greeting from Port Angeles, WA.  It feels great to be back home, sort of.  Funny how I can still be on or near the Pacific Ocean but feel so close to home.  And all because I no longer have to think metric.

I want to quickly update everyone on the last few days.  After Pacific Rim NP we spent another night with Grandma Lou in Lady Smith.  We were lucky to meet more of Lou’s (and our) family.  What struck me was how much everyone genuinely enjoyed being in each others company.  They made us feel very welcome.  And Lou also treated us to an amazing dinner involving white fish and prawns.  Yum.  The next morning she even taught us how to poach an egg which we put to practice this morning.  Egg poaching is very camper friendly (little mess).  Thank you again Lou for welcoming us into your home and David and Mariah for showing us around.  We hope you visit us soon.

Another family also made us feel very welcome.  Janice, a neighbor and friend origionally from Calgary, has been visiting family in Victoria for the past month.  Janice invited us to a family and friend get together yesterday  and we feasted on fajitas.  We were happy to meet her sisters who recommended coffee joints in Victoria (we did enjoy Habit) and other things to do on the island.  We also greatly enjoyed talking with Janice’s parents about a range of subjects including accounting, universal health coverage (a common topic when talking with Canadians- to date no Canadian that I have talked to is envious of our system), and Mongolian bathrooms.  Thank you again Janice for inviting us and Jill for hosting the dinner.

We spent today cruising Victoria.  There is a buskering (street performer) fest going on and we were able to check out three performances.  The last one blew us away.  It involved a June Cleaver look alike, suggestive dialogue, and juggling fire while on a “yes man tower.”  Tomorrow I will post some pictures.

Next up:  Olympia National Park and then Mt. Ranier.  Our trip is winding down, but we have up to two weeks left to go and will make the most of it.   


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