Waterton National Park

I am writing this post at a nice coffee shop/ bar/ “Thai inspired dinner menu”/ international gathering post in Waterton National Park.  Canadian national parks have townsites- think Banf, Jasper, as examples.  Sometimes the town came first (like Jasper) but here I think the park spawned the town or as Henna called it a “really nice neighborhood.”  There are homes and rental cottages, several hotels, a few coffee shops, ice cream stores, and a couple of resteraunts.  Nothing too fancy and there are no gaudy tourist shops or loud bars.  It is actually very nice and comfy.  Just off to the side of this town is a very large and a little crowded campgroud operated by the national park.  And by national park I mean several teenage boys and girls.  These teenagers run the show here- at the visitor center, at the gate letting you into the park, and at all the eating establishments.  There is also another campground but the fifteen year old we asked questions to (maybe he was closer to twenty) said that “bears come through there every night, but so far there have not been any problems.”  That was enough for us to go for the townsite campground.  Everyone goes to the townsite campground and the more rustic, absolutely more beautiful, and bear ridden campground is half empty (or eaten).  We got to this place yesterday after a final push out of the prarie and into the mountains.  Halfway through the drive we spied the mountains for the first time since leaving Cincinatti a week ago.  They were snow capped with clouds circling them and we forgot the beauty of the prarie.  Our new neighbors were very friendly and consisted of a dad, mom, and a little boy not yet two.  They were also tenting and we made friends fast.  We decided at once to spend three nights here.  Last night we settled in.  Today we hiked, canoed, and then wandered into town searching for wifi.  Awesome photos and a description of today to follow soon.  Happy 4th of July!

1 thought on “Waterton National Park

  1. Happy belated 4th of July my darling Corinne.. looks like you’re having so much fun, and I’m glad you opted for the campground with less people-eating issues!! 🙂 Have fun, I’m reading all your posts today since I just got back from our cabin!! Be safe and love ya all!! Henna’s pics of her in the wedding were ADORABLE by the way!

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