Too many mosquitoes in Minnesota

Sometimes the road does not play nice.  Months ago I stared at the map and saw a clear route across America.  Route 2, known as the Hi Line in Montana is a pretty clear shot west from St. Ignace, Michigan through Washington State.  Our family has been on 2 in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Michigan before.  Corey and I once took 2 from Glacier NP to Duluth, MN.  It is an awesome, mostly 2 lane road that strings a lot of small towns, some small cities, and comes close to many state parks/ national parks.  A true Hennacornoeli road.  But months ago I did not forsee the Minnesota state legislature blocking me (and other tourists and state citizens) from going to any state park this July 4th weekend.  No bike or canoe rentals at the source of the Mississippi for us (Lake Itasca State Park) for us.  I also did not anticipate a more rapid melting of ice and snow in Canada than typical which resulted in serious flooding for the northern sections of North Dakota.  So now I sit, about to have my first cup of coffee for the day, and stare at a map.  Route 200?  Detour south to I94?  High tail it north to Canada (least likely choice)?  Will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Too many mosquitoes in Minnesota

  1. Good luck! Yes, keep us posted. I’m following your journey. Of course, I loved your posts about the wedding.

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