A snapshot of people met on the road since leaving Cincinnati.  Grandma, Grandpa, and granddaughter (about 4) in leather jackets riding motorcycles into the hotel parking lot (the little one was in a sidecar).  KOA worker who rigged my line who talked about leaving corporate America.  “The more I made the more I spent.”   He now splits time between Minnesota, Kansas, and South Padre Island and is comfortable living out of a trailer with his family.  An old man fishing at a pier on Lake Bimidji who gave advice to Henna on where to cast her line “the fish here swim deep.”   The middle aged couple (middle aged is always a few years older than me- when I am 75 middle age will be 80) who dropped their two daughters at a language camp in Minnesota then spent ten days camping in North Dakota and Minnesota.  The young man on a motorcycle who appeared suddenly by our campsite from a dirt road to watch the sunset.  He was traveling solo and camping from Washington to his home in Pennsylvania.  The grandma watching two granddaughters and a stubborn big dog at the random lake in the UP.  The kids listened but the dog refused to move from the beach.  The kid sitting outside his front yard who, when asked where the post office was, immediately jumped on an ATV and guided us there.

2 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Hi Noel, Corey, and Henna,
    Love your photos and stories! Henna, your poem is fantastic! Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Enjoy!
    Jean Luchini

  2. A few years ago, we stayed at Lake Bimidji , it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It sounds like you and Corey and Henna may never come home, and just live off the land???

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