Fevers and Storms



With one week before our departure, it seems that if we were to believe in omens….there were quite a few.  The last day of school for Henna resulted in a three day fever for her, which took us off track but ended well.  For a while I thought nothing of our trip but only of Henna and what her temp was.

Then as a welcome of Summer, a storm blew in as Henna was taking a cold bath. I scooped her up soaking wet to the shelter of our basement.  Her only concern was of the cats left to fend for themselves up stairs, and then of the poor tree that lost it’s life that night.  The photo says it all…everyone was safe and the mighty evergreen remained.

Again, we don’t believe in omens so we continued our week getting ready to set off.  Only a pair of white dress shoes for Henna stood as our last obstacle, but a wonderful neighbor saved the day with a brand new pair Henna’s exact size!  Whew….again, omens.  This one was a good one.

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