In the beginning there was…..

It is fitting that last night, in the parking lot of the Skokie Swift, there was a car parked that was everything I do not want this blog to be.  It could have been a race car it was so covered in advertisements.  But not many people race family sedans.  Somewhere on the door was a website and surrounding that banner was commercials for everything from auto repair to insurance that help the drivers of that car pay for gas, hotels, sport tickets, etc.  Over the last couple of months, Corey and I have talked about building a sort of low key travel site focused on people who travel like us; cheaply, kindly, in tents, KOA cabins, nice hotels time to time, and distant cousins’ couches.  Persons open to the road and the trail and the opportunities that are often just around the next corner.  Having just purchased a great road trip vehicle where we sacrificed our choice of color for a good deal, we were thinking of ways to justify putting some sort of a design on the door, a little something that would break up the gold that neither of us like.  And as we let our conversations wander we considered advertisements on our site that might make us some money.  We would become professional travelers.  Like William Least-Heat Moon.  So yesterday when confronted with what a professional traveler looks like, I realized that we are destined to be bush league.  And that is OK.

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