Buffalo, WY

View from front porch in Buffalo, WY

I spent much of our last morning in Buffalo, WY weighing whether or not to trade for the book I was about a third of the way in  (Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari). I was like Indiana Jones weighing sand before the idol. First I was going to leave behind Disappointment River (Brian Castner). It’s a great book. One of my new favorites. Everyone should read it. But after snagging the book at Half Price right before this trip I could not quite convince myself to release it back to the wild. So then I decided to leave behind two beers (Copper Mule from a brewery in Sheridan). That was before I realized that 1) I really like Copper Mule and 2) I might not be able to ever find that beer again.

Hazy skies near Medicine Mountain summit off US Highway 14a
Trail to Medicine Wheel

This would be a good time to mention that none of these deliberations were made in private. Henna strongly advised me to either leave behind Disappointment River or to stop bothering her. Corey was the one who suggested the beer. My Airbnb hosts did not care what I chose to do (and implied that if I wanted I could just take the book). In the end I decided to leave the book behind. I also promised myself that I will buy my own copy somewhere down the road.

Clear Creek in Buffalo,WY

Our three day stay at Buffalo was not all one neurotic decision making process. We also spent some time up in the Big Horn Mountains and exploring all that Buffalo has to offer. Let me tell you, this sleepy 4,000 person town has a quite a lot of history to explore including a violent cattle war that is equal parts Magnificent Seven and Young Guns. There is also this cool Cowboy saloon/historic hotel called the Occidental, a beautiful creek running through town, a Danish expat running a laid back wine bar and locals packing heat. But at last the road is calling our name and we will now take two days to drive about five hours to the Tetons. Hmmm. That would leave quite a lot of time for reading. Maybe I should take that book…

Locals watching us drive by on Highway 14a
Medicine Wheel. Near the summit of Medicine Mountain off Highway 14a. Sacred site for many Native Americans it is accessed by a forest road followed by a one and a half mile hike. Medicine Wheel was created by an unknown group of people somewhere between 250 to possibly a few thousand years ago. Per Wikipedia it lines up neatly with the sun during the Summer Solstice.

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